Friday, April 28, 2017

Spirit, Soil & Soul 8 ~ Composting Sadness

Spirit, Soil & Soul 8 ~ Composting Sadness

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Biodiversity-Underfoot - image by SH Lee
The River - A Deep Ecology Visual Poem from Last Leaves on Vimeo.

Live in the layers
not on the litter.

Slips AwayThe Human Experience (Featuring Goopsteppa & Kat Factor)Broken Open (2017)
DearAnna McLuckieSofar (Songs From a Room) London (2015)
Anna Livia PlurabellePatrick BallFinnegan's Wake (from James Joyce), set and played to Harp by Patrick Ball
~Dusk to DawnEmancipatorDusk to Dawn (2013)
~Soon it Will be Cold Enough to Build FiresEmancipatorSoon it Will be Cold Enough (2006)
The Roots of Your ProfitsDr. Elaine InghamPermaculture Voices 2 (2015)
ForeignerThe Wild ReedsSofar (Songs From a Room) Los Angeles (2014)
The River (A Deep Ecology Poem)Last Leaves (Text by Derrick Jensen, read and mixed by Last Leaves)Endgame, Note from Last Leaves: "Jensen claims that this section of the book was actually authored by a stream and co-authored by a forest."
~New Animals from the AirEluviumTalk Amongst the Trees (2005)
~Meditation 1Brian Eno & LaraajiAmbient 3: Day of Radiance (1980)
The LayersStanley KunitzReading in Santa Fe (2001)
Junebug WaltzHurray for the Riff RaffIt Don't Mean I Don't Love You (2008)
What Are You Afraid OfEast Indian GirlYoutube (2006)
PhytoremediationNance KlehmRadical Mycology Convergence (2014)
~A-re You That Somebody (Aaliyah Cover)PitchBlak Brass Band Sofar NYC (2015)
~Killing Me Softly (Fugees Cover) PitchBlak Brass Band Sofar Atlanta (2016)
Being HumanClimbing PoeTreeBioneers (2013)
~ = Undercurrent music

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